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Due to the specific needs of the company, employees often work  long hours in the office and some work during the night. It is not easy to find places open to buy refreshment. Thus, when the vending machine was installed, our staff were very satisfied with this new service. In my opinion, all the products offered in the machine are safe,of good quality, and quantity. Our employees enjoy using VMV service

Gameloft, Studio Manager

Gameloft has been working with VMV for more than a year and we’ve always been very pleased with the quality of their machines and especially the taste of their products

Our collaboration has always been fruitful, and VMV appears today as a strong partner, trying always to respond to our demands or queries in a timely and quality manner.

This is the reasons why we’ve been installing their Machines in all our Production Studios in Vietnam


Yusen Logistics

VMV products are of good quality and satisfy various taste.
Their technical team are very enthusiastic, thoughtful and  fast troubleshooters !


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