Vending Machines Vietnam offers all-inclusive coffee machines service in Hanoi, Saigon and Da Nang. We lend the coffee machine for free and invoice according to the consumption only. Our service includes the delivery of products, the cleaning, refilling and maintenance on the machine to ensure peace of mind

High quality & fully automatic coffee machines. Adapted for offices from 30 employees to 200 and more!


  • Table top coffee machines

  • Fresh coffee beans grinded for each coffee

  • Robust technology

  • Easy to use

Vitale S

The art of espresso coffee in your office

Fully automatic machine for coffee services in small/medium structure. Vitale S is compact, versatile and extremely easy to use.

Drinks offered:
Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte Coffee, Chocolate & Mocha Coffee


Height  590 mm  - Width  305 mm - Depth  410 mm  -  Weight  26,1 kg


Vitro S5

The ultimate experience

Professional hot drinks machine. Vitro S5 incorporates the latest technology and a cutting-edge design.

Drinks offered:
Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte Coffee, Chocolate, Mocha Coffee, Matcha tea & Lemon tea


Height  725 mm  - Width  480 mm - Depth  590 mm  -  Weight  52 kg


  • Fresh coffee beans grinded on demande for each coffee

  • Intuitive design

  • High capacity

  • Easy to use

Zensia Dimensions:

(H) 1830 mm  - (W)  600 mm -

(D)  625 mm  -  Weight  141 kg

​Novara Dimensions:

(H) 1830 mm  - (W)  600 mm -

(D)  650 mm  -  Weight  180 kg

Zensia & Novara

The hot drinks vending machines are ideal for large offices with more than 100 employees, for hospital, clinics or university !


We selected modern, ergonomic and intuitve design machines to catch everyone’s attention and make a splash!

The machines are equipped with banknotes readers & cashless kit with   Mifare cards. Click here to learn more.

Drinks selection:

​Coffee: Espresso, long espresso, americano, cappucino, latte, moccacino.

Chocolate: chocolate, chocolate with milk.

Tea: Matcha tea, matcha tea with milk, lemon tea.