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As operator of coffee machines or snacks vending machines, VMV will:

  • Lend the machines for free

  • Take care of the installation, cleaning, refilling of products, maintenance...

  • Be available on VMV hotline in Saigon and Hanoi


Coffee machines

As operator, we lend  the cofffee machine for free and supply quality raw material to our customers: coffee beans from Cafés Folliet & milk, chocolate from Laqtia, lemon tea from Nestlé and matcha tea powder from Japan.


Our partner, Café Folliet produces and roasts the coffee beans in Vietnam. The coffee beans are 100% natural and free of any additives.

Snacks machines

As operator, we can supply various different products such as: sandwiches, biscuits, chips, dried fruits but also mineral water, soda and fresh juice,

We are striving for providing fresh and healthy snacks and beverages options  inside our vending machines.

We work with local producers to ensure healthy snacks and home made sweetness from french bakery as well as juice producer to ensure 100% natural drinks.


VMV accompany his clients day to day to ensure the best after sale service.

  • Guarantee

  • Spare parts

  • Maintenance

  • Training

  • Delivery

  • Hotline

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