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Amazingly flexible and adaptative

The outstanding feature of the Mistral+ series is its incredible flexibility making it capable of adapting to all types of products, locations and changes. Each detail in the Mistral+ series has been developed to make it more ergonomic, easy to use, reliable and safe. The machines are equipped with banknotes reader and cashless payment system.

Mistral+ H85 has:

80 different selections Capacity: 400 products subject to configuration.


Height: 1830mm

Width: 850 mm

Depth: 890mm

Weight: 265-336 kg

Mistral +

The Elegant design will attract consumers and outstand product visibility to increase sales.

– Optimised LED lighting to improve visibility.

– Transparent sections for improved presentation.

– Alternative download to prevent empty channels.

Food safety guaranteed: designed to meet the strictest health regulations, it has a straightforward temperature and expiry control system that prevents the sale of products in poor condition.

– Refrigeration up to 3ºC.

– Sanitary temperature control system by tray.

– Allocation of expiry dates by selection.


The Palma+ series offers maximum flexibility for programming product capacity and distribution, achieved by its two adjustable trays, two temperature options and two simultaneously rotating spindles for vending larger-sized products.

Another outstanding feature is its large glass front that acts like an attractive shop window for products, increasing impulse purchases.

Palma+ Hz70 has:

42 different selections Capacity: 267 products subject to configuration.


Height: 1830 mm

Width: 723 mm Depth: 840 mm Weight: 250 Kg

  • Designed to sell all types of products

  • Easily configurable and adjustable trays 

  • Simultaneous dual motor 

  • LED and lighting energy Category A +.

  • Triple front glass for antivandalism

  • Anti-glare steel and push buttons



Reliability, durability & security

Palma is equipped with a large, customisable panel for your brand & exclusive extractor that vends every type of can, bottle and plastic bottle.

Palma B6G has high capacity: 648 cans


Height: 1830 mm

Width: 850 mm Depth: 890 mm Weight: 354 Kg

  • Simplicity and speed, two objectives achieved

  • A large, customisable panel for your brand

  • Security was a key factor in its manufacture

  • Exclusive Universal Extraction System with an exclusive extractor designed by Azkoyen that vends every type of can, bottle and plastic bottle, adapted the configuration to vend the selected type of container.

We are the official and exclusive distributor of Azkoyen in Vietnam.

We OPERATE or DISTRIBUTE the Snacks Vending Machines, click           for more information.

cashless payment


A user friendly payment system!

The Mifare card is a contactless card which is mainly used for payment and for identification or access purposes (hotel, offices, plants, schools…). With the Mifare system users can charge money on the card directly on the machine. No need to have the exact change to enjoy a cup of coffee or a cold drink!

Mifare cards as a Marketing tool:

Special program: offer Welcoming package for new members, gift for birthdays, promotion for women day or new year…

Various promotion: happy hours time, discounts (20% off), bonus (charge 50.000VND get 70.000VND charged on the card)…

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